Mother-Made Quality

Quality fit for a babe.

A mother takes care of what she puts on and near her baby, and we use the utmost care to ensure the Kinderbib tie bib is safe, soft and all the while adorable. Snap it. Drool it. Repeat. We check all the baby boxes, so you can accessorize your baby with peace of mind.

Every Kinderbib baby necktie bib is:

  • Handcrafted by a fellow boy mother
  • Made in the USA
  • Stylish + functional patented design
  • Strengthened with an absorbent layer of cotton batting
  • Created with non-toxic and safe fabrics, including 100% cotton, flannel, and fleece
  • Durable, plastic pinch-free snaps
  • Intended to fit all baby sizes, age 0 to 2+ (even under four chins!)

Kinderbib Baby Necktie Bib Styles

Cotton and Flannel

The cotton and flannel Kinderbib has a 100% cotton front and flannel back, with a layer of Warm & Natural cotton batting in the middle for super absorbency. The cotton and flannel bib is soft to the touch and durable in the wash.

Flannel and Fleece

The flannel and fleece Kinderbib has a printed flannel front with a fleece back.  The ultra soft fabric stands up to your baby's drool and spit-up - and frequent runs through the wash.

A Patented Labor of Love

The Baby Neck Tie Bib is a patented design: US Design Patent D741,577.  We have spent years perfecting the shape and form of the Kinderbib, and we are the only seller in the United States to offer this unique, high-quality design.