Our Story

We're on a mission to keep baby boys adorable through life's messes, one Kinderbib tie bib at a time.

Kinderbib Baby Necktie Bibs are the answer to the stark boy aisles in the baby section.  They are the alternative accessory to the boring but necessary bib catching your baby's spit-up and drool.  They are the perfect baby gift to boy moms that spread smiles.  These necktie bibs are functional and flattering and oh-so-adorable!

Handcrafted by a boy mother, for all mothers.

When my son was born, I wanted to dress him in cute clothes like he deserved.  But he spit up.  He drooled.  He was what you call a standard baby - but with acid reflux.  Cue a cute outfit covered up by a big ugly bib and a mother sick of these ordinary but functional accessories.

Desperate to put the cute back in his style, I cut up dozens of bibs until I came to a shape that was functional, safe and adorable: the necktie bib.  I loved the result and everyone who saw him did too!

I realized other mothers must also struggle to find adorable and functional accessories for their baby boys too, so I started selling my now-patented design in 2012.  Every since, mothers have been using them to keep their baby boys adorable through life's messes.


With love from my family to yours,
Christina Bollig
Kinderbib Founder and Owner